Health Officials Privately Worried About UNCC’s Reopening — While Publicly Praising the School’s Plans

Risking the credibility essential to their work, county health officials publicly gave their blessing last month to local universities’ plans to reopen amidst the pandemic — while at the same time privately expressing worry about some of those plans. “Their plans are good,” Gibbie Harris, the director of Mecklenburg County’s health department, said at an […]

CMPD Attorney: Cops Can Halt Protests for “Anything”

The citizens of Charlotte possess no right to protest. Rather, their ability to demonstrate is granted by the police as a matter of grace. And depriving people of this liberty is as easy as 1-2-3. That’s the take-away from a presentation made last week to City Council by Jessica Battle, a city attorney who has […]

Public Safety Chair Spreads CMPD’s Lies, Helps Block External Audit of Police

Charlotte Councilman Larken Egleston is pushing CMPD’s lies about its brutality — while working to block any independent review of the police department’s spending or operations. Much of the work to thwart real reform of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department occurs in the city’s Safe Communities Committee, which is chaired by Egleston and is charged […]

Cop Admits to Kettling Protesters, Confirming CMPD and SBI Cover-Up

The sergeant was giddy about the brutality to be unleashed. It was the night of June 2. Citizens were winding their way through uptown Charlotte to protest the recent murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers. Around 9:30 p.m., demonstrators began walking up 4th Street, traveling from College Street toward Tryon Street. As […]

County Commissioners OK Sheriff’s Imminent Assault on Jail Support

The most important thing to know about Mecklenburg Sheriff Garry McFadden is that his favorite word is “my.” The jail is “my building,” he explained this week, and its lobby is “my lobby.” Female inmates at the jail are, to use McFadden’s creepy, sexist moniker, “my queens.” Fatalities in the jail are “my deaths,” according […]

City Attorney (Still) Sweeping Corruption Under the Rug

Tariq Bokhari’s corruption will go on — with an assist from the city’s attorney. Charlotte City Attorney Patrick Baker informed City Council this weekend that a 17-page, 5,000-word complaint detailing Councilman Bokhari’s long-standing merger of his public office with his private financial interests fails to meet the “minimum technical requirements” necessary to warrant an independent […]

In Plain Sight: A Councilman’s Corruption

What’s most remarkable about Tariq Bokhari’s corruption is how long it went unnoticed. While the media and other elected officials only recently began to scrutinize the Charlotte city councilman’s merger of his private-sector work with his public duties, Bokhari’s entire time in office has been one, long advertisement for himself, his industry in general, and […]

Perpetual Rebellion: A Citizen’s Work

My elementary school handed out good citizenship awards at quarterly, school-wide assemblies. The yellow cardstock certificates commemorated the recipients’ exhibition of those behaviors the school deemed proper for responsible young people: obedience, respect for authority, and adherence to the rules. In other words, to be a good citizen was to be compliant. At no time […]


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